I have begun studying LeoVue.  I have run across mystifying javascript 
syntax that googling does not resolve.  Any explanation would be welcome.

leovue/src/store/index.js contains the Vue store 
<https://vuex.vuejs.org/en/intro.html>. For study I have refactored this as 

// ========= The Store ===============
export default new Vuex.Store({
  state: {
    << state >>
  mutations: {
    << mutations >>
  actions: {
    << actions >>

The state object is simply as set of key/value pairs, as expected.  But the 
mutations and actions sections do not seem to be key/value pairs. They look 
more like lists enclosed {}. The first two entries in the actions (object?) 

ADDDATASET (state, o) {
  state.dataSets[o.k] = o.v
ADDDATATABLE (state, o) {
  state.dataTables[o.k] = o.v

These look kinda like function definitions without "function" or "=>". But 
various descriptions of so-called object initializers don't seem to explain 
this syntax.

As another example, this appears near the start the page What is Vuex? 
<https://vuex.vuejs.org/en/intro.html> :

new Vue({
  // state
  data () {
    return {
      count: 0
  // view
  template: `
    <div>{{ count }}</div>
  // actions
  methods: {
    increment () {

Again,  I assume that the first '{' starts an object. The template: key 
contains a string object.  But huh?, the data and increment (functions?) do 
not seem to be key/value pairs.  Are these functions *evaluated* when 
creating the object, to yield a key/value pair? 

Can anyone explain what's going on? Where is the reference?


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