Neovim 0.2+ adds a Qt based editor in order to hit its promise of "works 
on Windows".  It should be possible to leverage this into an alternative 
editor pane, all that would be needed is to channel each node's body text 
into and out of Neovim, (the in-portion would also require you to set 
filetype to correspond to the "in-force" @language directive).

Why I say this should be easy is that Neovim uses Msgpack rpc to give you 
complete control of Neovim.  Three things are needed:
   1) provide a way to embed the Qt frontend as a new/alternative editor 
pane and connect to an running neovim instance.
   2) switch all the leo code that fills/updates the current editor pane 
into msgpack calls that fill or update the body text of the current node 
to/from the neovim pane.
   3) pass back to leo any calls that change the Outline pane, e.g. 

Two and three could all be handled by a neovim plugin that is written in 
python!  See

I know that Edward prefers emacs over vim, but just as their are vim 
emulating modes for emacs, there are emacs emulating modes for vim.

(sorry about the partial topic above)


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