On Friday, February 23, 2018 at 4:05:36 AM UTC-6, Zoom.Quiet wrote:

> WoW soooooo quickly conform these points ;- just 2 week, EKR rebuild IDE 
world idea, Sayeahoo!

Hehe.  Two weeks of prototyping, building and playing with other editors is 
a small price to pay for a wider view of the world.

*Update*: I went back to bed after writing this post in the middle of the 
night.  When I awoke my first feelings were of relief that I would no 
longer be considering (or doing!) large and foolish projects.  So my 
subconscious is giving me a preliminary thumbs up.

>> Embedding Leo in another IDE would create ripple effects that touch *all* 
of Leo's code.  These ripple effects would depend on arcane details of the 
particular IDE in which Leo is embedded.

ripple effects  <~~~ very right define,
> appended one reason:
> embedding others IDE ecosystem is hold one huge upstream into Leo's 
> ecosystem;
> but the upstream ecosystem is out-control by EKR,
> means for Leo's new feature can compatibility upstream ecosystem,
> will ripple huge unnecessary work.

Excellent point. I had not consciously seen it as clearly as you have.

> Leo will remain a pure python app, scriptable in python.
> I shall incorporate some of eric6's features into Leo's code base.
> Leo must have a plugin that supports Joe Orr's great work.
   This plugin will be worth *any* amount of work.
> I am happy with these conclusions.

only one suggest:
> this paper must insert into LeoDoc, maybe as FAQ?

Will do. Thanks for this suggestion.


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