Cleaning generated headlines is just a part of the problem. More serious 
problem is choosing what should go in to single node. As far as I am 
concerned, I would much prefer to have a toolbox with several commands to 
help me importing files on my own. I wrote about that idea here 
<>. I 
don't know when (and if) I would have time to write such a plugin. Solving 
this serious problem (* importing external source files) in fully automatic 
but satisfactory way IMHO must involve writing a proper lexer/parser 
functions at least for .js .jsx, .ts .tsx files. That seems to be a lot of 
work, so I believe more likely is that I would pursue this simpler idea - a 
plugin with handful of universal functions for manipulating source code, 
that user can use to reshape code any way he/she likes. That would work for 
all kinds of source files.

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