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​[5.7 final] seems to work on OSX.
> Two minor issues which both started with the previous update a few weeks
> ago:

​Which update are you talking about?  5.7b1 or b2?​

- searching and replacing with "Replace-then-Find" does not replace in
> headlines. After finding an occurrence in a headline Leo switches to the
> log with "no text selected".

​Thanks for this report. I have just created #757
<https://github.com/leo-editor/leo-editor/issues/757> for this issue. ​

- Leo annoys me with startup tips I didn't ask for. A 5 minute
> investigation did not find any clue how to switch them off.

​A search for "tip" in leoSettings.leo will show you:

   @bool show-tips = True​

Set this to False and the tips will go away.

Depending on installation, the tips dialog will have a "Show Tips on
Startup" checkbox.  Unchecking that box will clear this setting.

Keep up the good work.



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