On Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 5:45:19 AM UTC-6, Edward K. Ream wrote:

> I'll experiment with support for @data additional-style-sheet.
> The body would be a style sheet that...would be tacked on to whatever 
stylesheet is *already* in effect.

Hmm.  Qt stylesheets do not cascade properly, and maybe not at all. 
Appending css for QWidget changes more specific css that has already been 
defined.  It's a bug, but it can never be changed and we must work around 

So perhaps there should be two new style sheets:

    @data prepend-style-sheet
    @data append-style-sheet

Using @data prepend-style-sheet would typically be safer, but Chris George 
points out that @data append-style-sheet does have its uses.


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