I happened upon Python auto-completion somewhere in the docs (nice 
feature!). Upon first trying it, I got an exception:

autocompleter On
Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/home/username/bin/leo-editor/leo/external/codewise.py", line 563, 
in cursor
    return self.dbconn.cursor()

sqlite3.ProgrammingError: Cannot operate on a closed database.

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/home/username/bin/leo-editor/leo/core/leoGlobals.py", line 2471, 
in new_cmd_wrapper
    func(self, event=event)

  File "/home/username/bin/leo-editor/leo/core/leoKeys.py", line 218, in 

  File "/home/username/bin/leo-editor/leo/core/leoKeys.py", line 955, in 

  File "/home/username/bin/leo-editor/leo/core/leoKeys.py", line 813, in 
    options = self.get_completions(prefix)

  File "/home/username/bin/leo-editor/leo/core/leoKeys.py", line 586, in 
    aList = self.get_codewise_completions('self.')

  File "/home/username/bin/leo-editor/leo/core/leoKeys.py", line 630, in 
    hits = self.lookup_functions(func)

  File "/home/username/bin/leo-editor/leo/core/leoKeys.py", line 695, in 
    aList = codewise.cmd_functions([prefix])

  File "/home/username/bin/leo-editor/leo/external/codewise.py", line 173, 
in cmd_functions
    funcs = cw.get_functions(args[0])

  File "/home/username/bin/leo-editor/leo/external/codewise.py", line 596, 
in get_functions
    c = self.cursor()

  File "/home/username/bin/leo-editor/leo/external/codewise.py", line 565, 
in cursor
    g.es("No cursor for codewise DB, closed database?")

AttributeError: module 'leo.external.codewise' has no attribute 'es'

The completions did work, and strangely, upon restarting Leo and enabling 
autocomplete again I no longer see this error. But I thought I'd mention it 
in case it does indicate a problem somewhere.

Another minor issue: the autocomplete dialog appears two lines below the 
point where it's invoked. I'm using Leo 5.8 devel, build 20180227113208 Git 
repo info: branch = master, commit = 2c288fb7c15b Python 3.6.3, PyQt 
version 5.6.2, with the default theme.



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