On Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 8:26:21 PM UTC-6, Thomas Passin wrote:

> Run the code in Jupyter Notebook. Let it finish and display the graphic, 
then save the notebook...
> ViewRendered will be able to show the graphic in the @jupyter node.

Many thanks for this.  I had completely forgotten that the VR plugin 
supports @jupyter nodes! Sheesh. gitk tells me I wrote this on 2017-01-05. 

There is nothing in the docstring about @jupyter.  Thomas, what do you 
paste into the body text?  A url, json or html?  Anything you can add will 
find it's way into the docstring.


P.S. For my reference, the update_jupyter method does the rendering: Here 
is the guts of the code:

import nbformat
from nbconvert import HTMLExporter
from urllib.request import urlopen
url = g.getUrlFromNode(c.p)
if url and nbformat:
    s = urlopen(url).read().decode()
        nb = nbformat.reads(s, as_version=4)
        e = HTMLExporter()
        (s, junk_resources) = e.from_notebook_node(nb)
    except nbformat.reader.NotJSONError:
        # Assume the result is html.
elif url:
    s = 'can not import nbformt: %r' % url
    s = g.u('')


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