This top-level menu has two items: Apply Theme and Open Theme File.

Both commands prompt for a theme file, starting in leo\themes, then open 
the file which automatically applies the theme.

The Open Theme File command leaves the theme file open.  The Apply Theme 
file command closes the theme file.

I'm not sure these two commands are worth a separate top-level menu.  It's 
probably more logical to put these commands in the Settings menu.  What do 
you think?

There is more work to be done regarding themes. See #766 

1.  Allow themes that affect only settings.
2.  Allow themes that *add* to stylesheets.  For example, a big-text theme.
3.  Support @string initial-theme = <path to theme file> and/or @data 
initial-themes. See #790 
4. Migrate more themes into leo/themes.  This will likely take the most 


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