red-lang is having some of the same false positives as python exe packagers
not every AV program is tripped up. 
something as simple as calling up the commandline using the win32 api can do 

it's likely some huristic as Terry says 
so companies are loathe to change scan results even when presented with 

this is something that the language foundation and developers have to respond 
users and random people complaining won't change anything.
changing hosting obviously won't change anything

need a button to press to get details on the OS, the version of AV and Leo 
to simplify making a bug report and don't forget, 
most people just move on to the next editor they wanted to try on the list
or revert to an earlier version

via Matt Wilkie
 """I've read that downloads from SourceForge often have this problem, any SF 
project not just Leo. It's got something to do with a feature that SF has for 
creating easy installers automatically, """

the company at the time that bought out sourceforge offered an opt in program 
so it was mostly the developers themselves
or their lack of attention to detail that got them repackaged

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