So-called *common* @button/@command nodes are defined in the 
@buttons/@settings trees in myLeoSettings.leo.  These appear in all 
outlines. Their corresponding script can be executed anywhere.

Unlike @button and @button scripts defined in individual files, *common 
scripts do not update automatically*.  You must restart Leo for changes to 
common scripts to take effect.

Long ago Kent asked that common @button/@command scripts *would* update 
dynamically.  After considerable work, I declared in #171 
<> that this was a bad 

I now see that it is quite a good idea.  Alas, it's still not likely to 
happen. #171 <> tells 
why. Dynamic update would require opening myLeoSettings.leo whenever such 
buttons (or commands) were executed.  Iirc, I tried opening 
myLeoSettings.leo in a null gui, but that was far from a complete solution.

I have recently grown quite fond of using common @command nodes to define 
test commands.  I'll still use them, but I'll have to be wary about 
changing them.


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