Earlier today I said the following in this thread 

Long ago Kent asked that common @button/@command scripts *would* update 
I now see that it is quite a good idea.  Alas, it's still not likely to 
happen. #171 <https://github.com/leo-editor/leo-editor/issues/171> tells 

Well, as of 2dad0f0 common scripts *do *update dynamically, *provided that 
myLeoSettings.leo is already open*. It's clever because myLeoSettings.leo 
will likely be open if we are changing common script!  

This is such a simple solution.  I should have thought of it years ago.

I have hopes that everything will "just work".  Let me know if you find any 


P. S. myLeoSettings.leo must be open *in the present instance of Leo*.  It 
doesn't do any good for it to be open in another instance.  Otoh, loading 
another instance of Leo will use the latest version of scripts at the time 
it was loaded, so this is mostly a nit.


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