I have (possibly) turned a colleague of mine into a Leonista! I handed over 
a project to him, including my Leo file, and he's been diving in, asking 
questions (and liking Leo). The last question he asked was, what is the 
meaning of the symbols in the outline; he couldn't find that in the 
documentation. I explained the meanings to him, then I looked in the 
documentation so that I could point him to more information. I also could 
not find it either, although I am sure I have seen it before. It seems it 
should be in the "Leo in 10 Minutes" section, but it's not - and there's 
only one screenshot, all the rest is just text.

So, as I peruse the documentation, it occurs to me that, for newbies at 
least, more pictures with explicit and detailed descriptions of the 
elements of Leo would be helpful.

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