In a new leo file I tried Import Files> Import Jupyter notebook

Leo Log Window
Leo 5.7.2 devel, build 20180402204423, Mon Apr 2 20:44:23 CDT 2018
Git repo info: branch = devel, commit = 8ec811ac8fb9
Python 3.6.5, PyQt version 5.10.1
Windows 10 AMD64 (build 10.0.16299) SP0
isPython3: True
caching enabled
Traceback (most recent call last):

File "N:\git\leo-editor\leo\core\", line 2496, in 
func(self, event=event)

File "N:\git\leo-editor\leo\commands\", line 1666, in 
fn = x.get_file_name()

AttributeError: 'Import_IPYNB' object has no attribute 'get_file_name'


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