Hi Again,

There's a tip that says to clone your file nodes and put the clones in a 
folder at the end of the outline to match your output directories.
Also, there has been some notices recently regarding using @path 
directives, potentially recursively to simply your @file naming.
Both of these seem great.

I have this set up now, but some of the files aren't picking up the @path 
directives from the last node.
Also, not sure if this is related but performance has gotten significantly 
worse since doing this.

So .... I'm not sure ... 
Is there a 'primary' version of the @file (or @clean in my case) which 
would define the @path? (I'm hoping it's the ending?)
i.e. does it matter if you clone from Section A to Section B vs Section B 
to Section A?
Should it only be the _contents_ of the file and not the actual @file 
headline node that gets cloned?
Should the @path's be higher up in the outline?
Should I just stick with fully qualified file names?

Loving Leo so far but I've still got lots to learn.

Thanks very much,

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