Yesterday's work demonstrates all the essential features of #423: Simplify 
key handling with a new KeyStroke class. 

This post documents the details and discusses future work. Feel free to 


1. There is no real advantage in separating modifiers from keystroke 
"tails" when creating KeyStroke objects.  The new ks.find_mods and 
ks.strip_mods easily convert any incoming binding strings into the 
so-called canonical form.

As a result, *all* new instances of KeyStroke are created using simple 

2. Aha: KeyStroke.s *is* the "canonicalized" version of the keystroke.  

This Aha has very important, very happy, consequences. None of the *uses* 
of stroke.s in Leo's code ever have to change.

3. I had forgotten that the KeyStroke class already can be used as a 
dictionary key.  This class has a __hash__ method and a full set of rich 
comparison methods.  All such methods use ks.s.  

Because ks.s is the "canonical" setting, there is no longer ever any 
confusion about whether dictionary keys match keys.

*Input logic*filter.toTkKey and its helpers convert Qt key events to a 
binding string.  This string is then used to g.KeyStroke objects 
representing the incoming Qt key.

This is extraordinarily difficult code. Much of that difficulty is 
inherent, but I was able to make some simplifications. A few more are 
simplifications are coming.

*Summary*Work is going well, but much more testing is needed, especially 
with other keyboards.

Remaining work will focus on more routine simplifications. I expect this 
work to be completed today.

All changed code is marked with g.new_keys.  These are comments, as well as 

Remarkably, only about a dozen methods/nodes contain tests on g.new_keys. *The 
recent changes do not cascade throughout Leo's core*. This may be the 
biggest surprise of all.

Indeed, stroke.s can never be confused with non-canonicalized strings, 
because no non-canonical strings remain.  As a result, stroke.s is now 
completely benign. There is no need to change how Leo's core uses it. For 
example, the print-bindings command "just works" with the new code.


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