> I have lost patience with this discussion.  If you want to convince me, 
> change leoNodes.py in a git branch and create show how the qt redraw code 
> can be improved.
> The ball is in your your court.  I'm done reading dissertations.
> Edward

My first response was:

It is not fair. I explicitly said that I don't even think it is possible 
under conditions you gave. If you tired of this discussion, we don't have 
to have it right now. From the history of our discussions I have learned 
that after a while Edward will do the right thing that bothers him at the 

But on second thought I will accept the challenge. Only I am not going to 
play according to the rule "change only leoNodes.py". Instead I will to try 
to change as little as possible in whatever module I find necessary. All 
that in a separate branch. When I complete this Edward can look at all the 
changes and then decide whether to accept them or not.


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