This posts discusses my plans for support for black and orange.

*Remove all of Leo's black-related commands*

They don't work, and can't be made to work reliably without support in 
black itself for Leo's syntax.  This is unlikely ever to happen.  I'll move 
the old code into Leo's attic, leo/doc/leoAttic.txt, so that it will be 
easily available without using git.

*Support blackened sentinels*

Leo's present sentinels contain no space between the opening comment 
delimiter and the '@' sign that denotes the possible start of a sentinel.  
Alas, black inserts a space, thereby destroying Leo's ability to read the 
external file.

It should be possible to allow exactly one optional space in delimiters 
just by changing the regex's in fast_at.get_patterns in  This 
work will be done in a new sentinels branch.

If this work succeeds, it will be possible to blacken any external file 
using black itself.  Black will know nothing about Leo's sentinels, because 
they are comments.  If the work fails, then it would be safe only to 
blacken external files created by @auto, @clean, @nosent and @asis.

*Beautify all of Leo's files, in stages*

First, I'll disable the new line-breaking code used by beautify-tree.  When 
all files look good, I'll experiment with breaking lines.  When that works, 
I'll experiment with joining works. Some of the work can be done in devel.  
The new beauty branch will contain more experimental work.


Leo's black* commands must be removed. They don't work, and can't be made 
to work.

#1321 <>: Leo's 
fast-read code should be able to handle blackened sentinels. The *sentinels 
branch* will contain this work.

#1322 <>: I'll beautify 
all of Leo's sources, in stages.  The *beauty branch* will contain the more 
experimental parts of this work.


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