#1892: "host pollution" of expect in ch5 breaks binutils testsuite in ch6
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 If there is a stty binary in /usr/local/bin on the host (default install
 of coreutils), that gets picked up by expect's configure script:
 if test -r /usr/local/bin/stty ; then
 This gets compiled into libexpect and utimately breaks dejagnu in ch6
 because we have created a symlink to /tools/bin/stty in /bin but not in

 I see two possible fixes:

 1.  ln -s /bin/stty /usr/local/bin in the Essential Symlinks[[BR]]
 Don't like that as it pollutes the final LFS environment.

 2.  Fix Expect's configure.status and/or Makefile with a sed between the
 ./configure and the make. [[BR]]
 (Probably should check first that /bin/stty actually exists on the host.)

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