#4121: expat-2.2.3
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Comment (by bdubbs@…):

 Release 2.2.3 Wed August 2 2017
         Security fixes:
              #82  CVE-2017-11742 -- Windows: Fix DLL hijacking
                     using Steve Holme's LoadLibrary wrapper for/of cURL

         Bug fixes:
              #85  Fix a dangling pointer issue related to realloc

         Other changes:
                   Increase code coverage
              #91  Linux: Allow getrandom to fail if nonblocking pool has
                     yet been initialized and read /dev/urandom then,
                     This is in line with what recent Python does.
              #81  Pre-10.7/Lion macOS: Support entropy from arc4random
              #86  Check that a UTF-16 encoding in an XML declaration has
                     right endianness
         #4 #5 #7  Recover correctly when some reallocations fail
                   Repair "./configure && make" for systems without any
                     provider of high quality entropy
                     and try reading /dev/urandom on those
                   Ensure that user-defined character encodings have
                     functions when they are needed
                   Fix mis-leading description of argument -c in xmlwf.1
                   Rely on macro HAVE_ARC4RANDOM_BUF (rather than
                     for CloudABI
             #100  Fix use of SIPHASH_MAIN in siphash.h
              #23  Test suite: Fix memory leaks
                   Version info bumped from 7:4:6 to 7:5:6

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