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 E2fsprogs 1.43.5 (August 4, 2017)

 Fix a bug which could cause e2fsck to loop forever when rebuilding an
 encrypted directory with entries with identical prefixes up to an
 embedded NUL character.

 Fix build when configured with --disable-threads or --enable-profile.

 Fix ext2fs_sync_device() so it returns the proper error code if the
 BLKFLSBUF ioctl fails for some reason.

 Fix a potential crash in tune2fs when enabling project quota when the
 file system has no inodes by fixing error handling in the
 quota_write_inode() in libsupport.

 Fix a bug in debugfs's "ls -p" handling which could cause it to print
 garbage after a file name in a directory entry.

 Fix a number of bugs in debugfs, dumpe2fs, e2fsck, tune2fs, and
 resize2fs where a carefully/maliciously corrupted file systems (found
 by American Fuzzy Lop) could these programs to crash or hang.
 (Addresses Debian Bug #868489)

 E2fsck no longer issues some harmless bitmap warnings caused by a
 corrupted file system; since those corruptions will be fixed up by
 e2fsck later, there's no point issuing these internal warnings.

 E2fsck will now notice invalid quota inode numbers, and offer to fix

 Fix a regression introduced in e2fsprogs 1.43 which broke mke2fs's
 hugefile creation so that they aren't contiguous.  (Addresses Google
 Bugs 62791459 and 638037607)

 Fix how backup superblocks are written in big endian systems so they
 are all correctly byte swapped.

 Fixed tune2fs's support for enabling and disabling project quota.

 The badblock program now properly handles languages which have
 multi-column wide character such as Chinese.  (Addresses Debian Bug:

 The mke2fs -U option now accepts "null", "clear", "random", or "time"
 just as tune2fs's -U option.

 Fix e2fsck's -E bmap2extent feature (which converts a file to use
 extents from indirect block maps) so that it handles sparse files

 Fix libext2fs to correctly handle accounting for an external xattr
 block on bigalloc file systems.

 Fix e2fsck to correctly handle quota accounting when deleting files
 that have mnultiply-claimed blocks pass 1b.

 Fix potential buffer overrun bug in e2fsck when using 128 byte inodes.
 (Addresses Google Bug 37326362).

 E2fsck's extent tree optimization can now be disabled via an
 command-line extended option or via an e2fsck.conf configuration

 The e2fsck program now properly updates the quota accounting when
 optimizing the extent tree.  (Addresses Google Bug 36391645)

 Fix some error handling in e4crypt when operating on keyring ID's.

 Fix e2fsck's quota handling when the bigalloc feature is enabled.

 The libext2fs file system now uses readahead when opening file systems
 to speed up opening very large file systems with the meta_bg option.

 If e2fsck logging is enabled, e2fsck will report the exit code in the
 last line of the log file.

 Debugfs can now open file systems with a bad sueprblock checksum, and
 the show_super_stats command will print the expected checksum.

 Fix a regression introduced in e2fsprogs 1.43.4 where tune2fs was not
 able to correctly enable the quota feature.  (Addresses Debian Bug

 E2fsck will only return an exit status code of 1 if it has fixed a
 file system corruption.  If it only performed an optimal optimization
 of internal file system metadata, it will now return 0.

 Fix e2fsck so it won't check inode fields of deleted inodes.  This was
 mostly harmless, but the addition of a check in 1.43.4 to enforce the
 requirement that inline data inodes have a system.data attribute
 caused a regression in xfstests generic/079.  Fix this and a number of
 other checks which could lead to false positive reports of file system

 Removed a debugging printf in libsupport which could result to some
 extraneous and confusing output if the user specifies a quota type.

 The debugfs logdump command now accepts a new -S option which will
 cause it to print information about the journal superblock.

 Added a missing space in debugfs's ls -l output to separate the size
 and date fields.

 Update the Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian,
 Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese translations.

 Update various man pages.  (Addresses Debian Bugs #867895 and #865584)

 Fix various compiler and UBSAN warnings.

 Fixed various Debian Packaging Issues.  (Addresses Debian Bugs
 #864144 and #866623)

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