#4214: dbus-1.12.4
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 dbus 1.12.4 (2018-02-08)


 • When iterating the DBusConnection while blocking on a pending call,
   don't wait for I/O if that pending call already has a result; and make
   sure that whether it has a result is propagated in a thread-safe way.
   This prevents certain multi-threaded calling patterns from blocking
   until their timeout even when they should have succeeded sooner.
   (fd.o #102839; Manish Narang, Michael Searle)

 • Report the correct error if OOM is reached while trying to listen
   on a TCP socket (fd.o #89104, Simon McVittie)

 • Fix assertion failures in recovery from OOM while setting up a
   DBusServer (fd.o #89104, Simon McVittie)

 • Add a missing space to a warning message (fd.o #103729, Thomas Zajic)

 • Expand ${bindir} correctly when pkg-config is asked for dbus_daemondir
   (fd.o #104265, Benedikt Heine)

 • On Linux systems with systemd < 237, if ${localstatedir}/dbus doesn't
   exist, create it before trying to create ${localstatedir}/dbus/machine-
   (fd.o #104577, Chris Lesiak)

 • Fix escaping in dbus-api-design document (fd.o #104925, Philip Withnall)

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