#4219: util-linux-2.32 (Now at -rc1)
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 The new version will not be available until after the 8.2 freeze.  Now at

 Util-linux 2.32 Release Notes

 The command cal(1) has been improved to provide better control on used
 system. Now it is possible to switch between Gregorian and Julian
 or use the current default (reform in September 1752). The new command
 options --reform and --iso have been added. The command also follows
 width to format output.

 The library libblkid has been extended to support LUKS2, Micron mpool, VDO
 Atari partition table.

 The command rfkill(8) has been move to /usr/sbin to be compatible with the
 original rfkill implementation.

 The command dmesg(1) provides better support for multi-line messages and
 new command line option --force-prefix to print facility, level or
 information to each line of a multi-line message

 The command fallocate(1) --dig-holes is faster and more effect now.

 The command fdisk(8) provides access to Protective MBR accessible from
 menu. The Sun label support has been improved.

 The command lscpu(1) provides more details about ARM CPUs now.

 The command lsmem(1) supports memory zone awareness now.

 The command lsns(8) provides netnsid and nsfs columns now.

 The command rtcwake(8) waits stdin to settle down before entering a system

 The new command line option --kill-child has been added to unshare(1).

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