Great project, very educational. Thanks.
A quick question regarding chapter 7.3 and post-LFS config (ch. 3 in Blfs):
Is it really possible to do away with udev altogether or is it still needed?
Under "Devices for Servers" it says: "In some cases, it makes sense to disable udev completely and create static devices. Servers are one example of this situation. "
So I guess the answer is yes? I don't quite understand the commands there though:
mount --bind / /mnt
cp -a /dev/* /mnt/dev

It seems to be copying /dev to itself (since / is mounted on /mnt, right?), perhaps "cp -a" removes the symbolic links or maybe make nodes explicitly as files?
Assuming that works, udev can be simply uninstalled then? (the next command does remove it from the boot scripts)
Thanks for any pointers.
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