> You would have to write a script to run at boot time to create all the
> symlinks and directories and premissions and device ownership needed for
> your system. It would also be tricky to handle removable devices like
> usb drives.
Hmm, I thought the explicit copy (-a) would take care of all that, see below.

>> mount --bind / /mnt
>> cp -a /dev/* /mnt/dev
>> It seems to be copying /dev to itself (since / is mounted on /mnt,
>> right?), perhaps "cp -a" removes the symbolic links or maybe make nodes
>> explicitly as files?

> That looks nonsensical. What are you trying to do?

That's verbatim from the chapter 3 I mentioned. Take a look here:
Under the subsection "Devices for Servers".

Maybe I found a bug. :)

It even removes the initial scripts after that (which probably do what you 

btw, it could also be useful for embedded systems, which ought to be less niche 
than servers.

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