I'll start with a fresh summary.

Sneakernet for file transfer has become annoying.
Ethernet is undesirable in my environment.
My usage will be peer-to-peer.
I run Debian 9.8.

In another forum it was suggested {tongue evidently in cheek ;} that I might want 40 year old technology --- UUCP.

I've been reading ;} "cu" describes what I envisioned.
https://www.airs.com/ian/uucp-doc/uucp_3.html#SEC21 states in part:
The cu program is used to call up another system and act as
a dial in terminal. It can also do simple file transfers with
no error checking.

It says "dial in terminal". If I read the documentation,
correctly, that should be no problem. The documentation explicitly notes security issues. For my _initial_ usage that should not be an issue.

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