Matthew Burgess wrote:

> Move programs that the bootscripts require to /bin:
> mv /usr/bin/{head,sleep} /bin"

`head' does not belong in /bin IMHO. Red Hat and Debian both agree with
me. Surely `sed' can provide the same functionality for the bootscripts.

> That then leaves us with the following binaries that I can't see a need 
> to move from /usr/bin:
> [, basename, install, test, touch

My notes from 12 months ago reached basically the same conclusion as
yours. Here is how RH and Debian do it:

           /bin      /usr/bin

[,test               RH,Deb
basename   RH        Deb
head                 RH,Deb
install              RH,Deb
touch      RH,Deb

As you can see, RH and Debian disagree only on basename. Personally, I
leave `basename', `head', `install' and `touch' in /usr/bin. As for `['
and `test', the FHS gives the option for either location. But when you get
upstream developers hardwiring locations based on what the distros do, it
may well make sense to just cave in and follow suit.

Therefore there are 3 main factors IMHO:

1. Standards (FHS etc)
2. Required by Bootscripts
3. Common Linux Practice (what modern Linux distros do. NOT what Unices
   have been doing for decades)


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