The /bin/compress symlink (pointing to gzip) was added to allow newer tar's
auto-detection of compressed archives to work on `.Z' archives.

This is technically incorrect IMHO.

Now, if you type in:

  compress filename

you end up with a filename with a `.gz' extension instead of the expected
`.Z' extension.

IMHO the correct solution for getting tar's auto-detection to work with `.Z'
archives is to install a proper `compress' program.  Even versions of tar
prior to 1.15 (pre auto-detection) support `.Z' archives by relying on the
presence of a `compress' program which is activated by the `Z' switch eg:
tar -Zxf filename.tar.Z

Also consider that gzip's source code supports calling the binary by the
name `uncompress' thus justifying the /bin/uncompress symlink, but there is
no such support for `compress'.

It's only a minor point and `.Z' archives are becoming scarce, so I don't
care enough to file it in BZ but thought it worth bringing to your attention

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