Greg Schafer wrote:

>  /* Define to 1 to internationalize bison runtime messages. */
> -/* #undef YYENABLE_NLS */
> +#define YYENABLE_NLS 1
> Bingo! This looks like the culprit.


> I'll try and figure out a good fix tomorrow..

Hmmm, AFAICS there is no easy way to fool configure into doing what we
need. This is the best I can come up with for now. After running
configure, do this:

echo '#define YYENABLE_NLS 1' >> config.h

I can confirm it fixes the ICA problem.

Just to reiterate, the effects of this bug are fairly minor. ISTM that
Bison-generated parsers will not print diagnostics in the user's native
language. More information in the manual:

  info "(bison)Internationalization"


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