The zlib maintainer has released a new version for testing. One
important change: -fPIC is automatically added to the shared libs
CFLAGS, so no more worrying about that. Me and Tushar are attributed
in the ChangeLog. Yay! Goodbye obnoxious note and workarounds.

pkgconfig and DESTDIR support are also added. I don't think the code
has changed much besides for win32, but there is now a symbol map for
proper library versioning on Linux (for zlib-1.2.x+).

See the forwarded message below for the release announcement and
download location.

If anyone wants to test it out and finds bugs, you can try to get on
the zlib-devel list (pending approval of the maintainer). Or, you can
drop me a note since I'm already on the list.


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From: Mark Adler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Aug 16, 2006 8:44 AM
Subject: [Zlib-devel] zlib released for testing

Magnanimous testers and patchers,

zlib is available for testing here:

The usual signatures are below.  As always, you can find the changes
in the ChangeLog.  There is a new "todo" directory with Cosmin's work-
in-progress Makefile to build the static and shared libraries at the
same time.  If anyone would like to pick up where he left off, that
would be great.  Thanks again Cosmin for your work on that and your
cos4 release.

If your favorite patch didn't make it into this version, please let
me know and we'll try for the next one.

Thank you for your support.


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