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You might want to like into https://mariadb.org/.  mysql is being
impacted by Oracle in some not-helpful ways.

I moved from Solaris to linux with my sun machines when oracle took over as they squashed free support for required patches.

Was looking into MariaDB long ago, but I could never get it to build past a certain point cause of an error based in additions MariaDB with their sql_logger:

/sources/blfs/mariadb-5.5.30/plugin/sql_errlog/sql_logger.cc:25:8: error: ‘PSI_mutex_key’ does not name a type /sources/blfs/mariadb-5.5.30/plugin/sql_errlog/sql_logger.cc:26:8: error: ‘PSI_mutex_info’ does not name a type /sources/blfs/mariadb-5.5.30/plugin/sql_errlog/sql_logger.cc: In function ‘void init_logger_mutexes()’: /sources/blfs/mariadb-5.5.30/plugin/sql_errlog/sql_logger.cc:192:17: error: ‘PSI’ has no member named ‘register_mutex’ /sources/blfs/mariadb-5.5.30/plugin/sql_errlog/sql_logger.cc:192:46: error: ‘mutex_list’ was not declared in this scope

Otherwise I'd use it. It's been that way with each release. I'm tired of debugging it.


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