On Wed, February 21, 2018 21:52, DJ Lucas wrote:

> On 02/21/2018 10:07 PM, A. Wan wrote:


>> Is there even one other compelling reason for using systemd?



> Many. To name a few, simple replacements for logging (journal),

> (timers), sntp, dhcp, resolver, on-demand daemons, etc. Simplified

> management of services, auto dependency resolution for services,

> services/sockets (analogous to init scripts and socket activation

> scripts for inetd) provided by upstream. New kernel features require

> for some software, specifically cgroups and logind --Read: Gnome

> I hear it's now working fairly easily with elogind cut out of
systemd [........]

I apologize for implying there isn't any advantage with systemd
other than speed.

>> By the way I haven't been able to get systemd to work
because I cannot

>> build a boot device that used systemd from a system that is not

>> systemd, because systemd's configuration programs will edit
only the

>> running operating system.


> Not sure what you are referring to. I'll guess it has to do with

> the *ctl programs? Yes these are intended for a running system. If
you [.......]


>> I know there is some kind of special "chroot"

>> (because normal "chroot" won't work), which of
course, also requires the

>> running operating to be running systemd.


> The init system should have no bearing on your chroot environment,
but I

> suspect that has to do with the first problem above. Not sure what

It was a few months ago when I tried.  I don't remember
exactly what went wrong but probably the *ctl programs were the ones that
didn't work.  The "special chroot" method was for
allowing some systemd programs to run with an systemd not running with PID

What I really need is a generic boot device that can
diagnose/fix/restore/backup etc. another installation.   Since
there is a new LFS coming soon I should try again (the systemd version)
first and post findings.  It may take some time because I have
trouble with building the kernel right now.

I apologize again for my uninformed post.


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