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> Thank you. I have read that. It provided some insight as to how
> udev+hotplug are supposed to work but didn't quite solve my issue. In
> the meantime I found two possible solutions that have worked for me.
> 1) Keep /sbin/udevsend as the hotplug handler. Compile the
> run_directory extras in the udev source code by issuing the command
> "make EXTRAS=extras/run_directory". This will generate a
> udev_run_hotplugd binary. Copy that binary to /sbin and add the
> following rule to 50-udev.rules:
> ENV{UDEVD_EVENT}=="1", RUN+="/sbin/udev_run_hotplugd"

This is the correct option - from udev-059 onwards, the hotplug
handling is being done differently, with the udev rules being expanded
to allow calling of hotplug scripts from the udev rules file. It will
take a while to get a properly grip on the new functionality.

Ideally, the hotplug scripts will go away entirely, and be replaced by
udev rules that can call modprobe directly, etc. - that will take some
time however.

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