I installed lfs (around the time of one of the 6.6 release candidates)
on an old Compaq laptop using jhalfs. After completing the configuration
(from the current 6.6 release), I tried to boot the new system and
received a kernel panic saying it could not mount the root filesystem.

I'll try to provide relevant details here. If any more are requested, I'll
provide them.

I'll give information by answering the FAQ question/answers to this

-- Did you specify the correct partition in /boot/grub/menu.lst?

I think so. The lfs partition is /dev/sda5, which is (hd0,4) on grub
and (hd0,5) on grub2. grub can successfully boot grub2 from this

By the way, the configuration file name for grub2 isn't menu.lst
any more.

-- Is support for the hard drive enabled in the kernel. For SCSI
this means support for the specific SCSI adapter.

Yes.  I specifically made sure the CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SD option
mentioned in the list archive was enabled.

-- Is support for the hard drive compiled into the kernel, not just
as a module. (Modules are stored on the filesystem. If a driver
needed to access the filesystem is stored as a module on
that filesystem, well ... you know ... ;)

I added CONFIG_PATA_VIA, and that did not help.

-- Is support for the filesystem compiled into the kernel. Again,
not a module. Support for ext2 is enabled by default, but others
like ext3, reiser, jfs, and xfs are not.

The filesystem is ext3, which is enabled (and is by default). I
also added ext2 which isn't enabled by default anymore.

I assume I missed something which should be obvious.

Thank you for you help,

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