Rob wrote:
I have built an LFS system that I now wish to migrate to my main box.
To do this, I plugged in a USB drive, mounted it to
, and ran the command:
dd if=/dev/sda1 bs=64K | gzip -c  > tmp/drive.gz
On my main box, I will fire up a live cd, plug in my USB drive and
restore with this command
gunzip -c tmp/drive.gz | dd of=/dev/sda2 bs=64K

That's too hard.  Just mount the formatted /dev/sda2 as e.g. /media.

cp -a /root/tmp/* /media

The reason it won't be sda1 is because windows is on there.
After doing that, I will chroot into the newly restored system and run
grub-install /dev/sda
And of course, I'll update
and so on to conform to the new system.

Depending on your build, you may need to rebuild the kernel with the appropriate drivers.

My question is on the grub.cfg syntax so that I can boot windows.
I guessed it will probably look something like this:

menuentry "Windows 7" {
insmod chain
insmod ntfs
set root=(hd0,msdos1)
chainloader +1

I don't do Windows, so I can't help there.  What you have seems reasonable.

  -- bruce

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