William Harrington wrote:
On Thu, February 1, 2018 06:57, Frans de Boer wrote:
Chapter 6.53 contains the following instruction:

LANG=en_US.UTF-8                   \
meson --prefix=/usr                \
        --sysconfdir=/etc            \
        --localstatedir=/var         \
        -Dblkid=true                 \
        -Dbuildtype=release          \
        -Ddefault-dnssec=no          \
        -Dfirstboot=false            \
        -Dinstall-tests=false        \
        -Dkill-path=/bin/kill        \
        -Dkmod-path=/bin/kmod        \
        -Dldconfig=false             \
        -Dmount-path=/bin/mount      \
        -Drootprefix=                \
        -Drootlibdir=/lib            \
        -Dsplit-usr=true             \
        -Dsulogin-path=/sbin/sulogin \
        -Dsysusers=false             \
        -Dumount-path=/bin/umount    \
        -Db_lto=false                \

So, what is comming after the two dots?


Hello Frans,

I think this means that Meson will be looking for ../meson.build while
running in the build/ directory.


$ meson --help
usage: meson [-h] [--prefix PREFIX] [--libdir LIBDIR]
             [directories [directories ...]]

How else would you point to the parent directory? It's just like cmake in this regard.

  -- Bruce
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