The most recent i686 system I have running (and want to still consider 
runnable) is an LFS-7.7 with gcc-4.9.2.  I had already patched the kernel to 
4.1.42, then recently 4.4.110.  The most recent patch level I saw today is 
4.4.114, which I suppose has "nicer" patches.  I've installed this system with 
the original kernel on a 1 MHz low-power (~10W) VIA C7 "Esther" (P3 equivalent) 
system, but while compatible the CPU can be painfully slow.  Not today, Esther. 
 I worked on my "development box", on a 2.66 MHz Core-2 Duo "Conroe" 6700.

I generally followed Ken's path, with the excption that in compiling gcc-7.3 I 
added --target=i686-pc-linux-gnu to make double sure there was no confusion on 
this x86-64 capable CPU to build i686 code.

The compile went fine, and when I patched the kernel I agreed to the 
"retpoline" option.  But when I use a version of my usual kern-build script 
modified with the PATH change as Ken used it, going first through menuconfig 
(there *was* some change that prompted a rebuild, right?) PAGE_TABLE_ISOLATION 
was missing from Security Options, so apparently the Meltdown mitigation hasn't 
made its way into 4.4 i686 kernels yet.

No use building Spectre mitigation if Meltdown is wide open, so I bailed out at 
that point.  I'm still hoping for Meltdown patches!

Paul Rogers
Rogers' Second Law: "Everything you do communicates."
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