On Fri, Feb 02, 2018 at 10:00:45AM -0800, Paul Rogers wrote:
> The compile went fine, and when I patched the kernel I agreed to the 
> "retpoline" option.  But when I use a version of my usual kern-build script 
> modified with the PATH change as Ken used it, going first through menuconfig 
> (there *was* some change that prompted a rebuild, right?) 
> PAGE_TABLE_ISOLATION was missing from Security Options, so apparently the 
> Meltdown mitigation hasn't made its way into 4.4 i686 kernels yet.
> No use building Spectre mitigation if Meltdown is wide open, so I bailed out 
> at that point.  I'm still hoping for Meltdown patches!


I thought I said yesterday that i686 PTI was still being developed.
First, it has to get to a stage where its developer feels confident
it works (his initial post to lkml was when it booted in qemu, at
that point he had not tried real hardware).

Then it will get reviewed, probably with some changes requested, and
eventually it will get into an -rc kernel.  After that it can be
backported - 4.15 (assuming this all happens before 4.16 is
released) and 4.14, then (with luck) backports to 4.9 and 4.4.

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