> Nasty. Nikos, you didn't need to go all the way to perl, if things
> are wrong like this then they won't magically get better.
> But like most other people I've stopped building on 32-bit and I
> don't have a clue what went wrong.

I haven't, though my last (this one I'm running right now) was 7.7.  I've been 
prepping 8.1, but unless & until the Meltdown & Spectre patches descend to 
32-bit builds, it's looking like I too will have to go 64-bit for security's 
sake.  I did build 7.10, but 64-bit and using this (B)LFS-7.7 as host.

Let me take a look at the archives, I haven't been following this thread until 
this caught my eye.

Paul Rogers
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