On 2018-04-10 08:48 +0800, niuneilneo wrote:
> Xi's work is great. But there are two minor issues that may need attention:
> 1, For my case, the ";" mark in the linux kernel  line of grub.cfg prevent 
> grub to boot successfully, say:"linux
> /linuz-<lfs version> ; root=/dev/sda(partition num) ro" never works. I have 
> to use "linux /linuz-<lfs version>
> root=/dev/sda(partition num) ro" I do not know whether this problem only 
> exists in my environment.

Yes.  There should be no ";" here.  I didn't notice this issue
in 2017-02-07 hint.

> 2, If build the grub 2 after efibootmgr 15 version, it is compulsive to set 
> the "EFIDIR" to the EFI boot directory.

Yes.  I forgot to add this.  And we should also set "EFI_LOADER"
to `grubx64.efi` though it's not strictly necessary.

A diff file is attached.
Xi Ruoyao <r...@stu.xidian.edu.cn>
School of Aerospace Science and Technology, Xidian University
--- lfs-uefi-20180409.txt.old	2018-04-10 16:28:25.080110650 +0800
+++ lfs-uefi-20180409.txt	2018-04-10 16:46:22.287573161 +0800
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
 AUTHOR: Dan McGhee, Kevin M. Buckley, and Xi Ruoyao
-DATE: 2018-04-09
+DATE: 2018-04-10
 LICENSE: GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.2
@@ -228,8 +228,18 @@
 Compile the package:
-    make
+    make EFIDIR=LFS EFI_LOADER=grubx64.efi
+  The meaning of the make parameters:
+* `EFIDIR=LFS`: This is the distro's subdirectory name under
+  `/boot/efi/EFI`. `Make.default` file of `efibootmgr` need this variable
+  to be set.
+* `EFI_LOADER=grubx64.efi`: This variable is set to the default EFI boot
+  loader. It affects the default of parameter `--loader`.  You can skip 
+  this if you won't invoke `efibootmgr` directly and only `grub-install`
+  runs it.
 Install the package:
   Now as the `root` user:
@@ -492,7 +502,7 @@
     menuentry "GNU/Linux, Linux <kernel name>"  {
-      linux   /boot/vmlinuz-<kernel name>; root=/dev/sda[x] ro
+      linux   /boot/vmlinuz-<kernel name> root=/dev/sda[x] ro
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