On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 05:42:17PM -0400, Admin wrote:
> > I would not be so certain about this. Today, 6GB RAM is not as much as you 
> > might think. For example, the short C++ code shown here: 
> > https://kristerw.blogspot.com/2017/10/excessive-gcc-memory-usage-for-large.html
> >  
> > requires 8GB of RAM for gcc to compile. 
> How real this concern is for lfs? I mean, one of the claims about Linux/GNU 
> OS is that it requires very much less resources such that even old computers 
> can be made useful again rather than being obsoleted. Also, isn't Debian 
> ported to RaspberryPi, where the system can be compiled on the target itself 
> using GCC toolchain with a lot less resources? 
> Regards

Depends what you want to do - if, for you, LFS is just a learning
experience or a box-ticking exercise (i.e. you don't intend to make
much use of the resulting system) then you can get by with much less
memory.  But if you want to go on to build a desktop with a modern
graphical browser then 8GB RAM (and even with that, maybe swap if you
are doing other things during the compilation) is more comfortable.

For a server, it probably varies between different packages.  Some
are fairly light to build.

So no, for LFS-only, 6GB should be adequate.  And I suspect many
people here started on LFS using old, or re-purposed hardware.  But
LFS expects you to compile things yourself - and with each compiler
release the process takes longer and probably uses more RAM, so
faster hardware becomes useful.

For debian, I have no idea if most of the available binary packages
were built natively or cross-compiled - but I suspect they were
cross-compiled.  Yes, you *can* build them natively, but for most
people using a pi I doubt that doing that for many packages will be
worth the time.

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