Hello Alexander Lukyano, Michael Stapelberg and all,

The above page offers the following patch:

I wanted to re-roll the patch against the latest development snapshot, but I 
was not able to find the lftp source repository.

The "Development source" section is empty.

I downloaded the lftp-4.2.3 snapshot.
Inside, the README has some CVS instructions:
        export CVSROOT
        cvs login (empty password, just hit enter)
        cvs -z9 co -r lftp-2-0-3 lftp (if you omit -r option, you'll get
                latest development sources)

I tried that but I got:
$ cvs login
Logging in to :pserver:anonymous@[...].free.net:2401/home/lav/cvsroot
CVS password:
cvs [login aborted]: connect to [...]free.net( failed: 
Connection refused

Thus, I was unable to make a properly formatted patch. Probably, both the 
REAME and the website should be updated.

Anyhow, I did test the patch here:
and it works except that it has an extraneous !
It should be:
+    if (strcmp(buf, "edit"))
+          return REMOTE_FILE;

It's a convenient patch to use together with the edit command defined in 
Can it be committed in the mainline source?

I use vim to edit files. Currently my only problem with the 'edit' command, is 
that the vim syntax highlighting is not enabled by default, whereas it is when 
I use vim from the console (outside of lftp).

Also: what does the lftp-vim plugin do that the 'edit' command (with vim set 
as the $EDITOR) does not do?

I tried to see by myself, but unfortunately, I was not able to compile the 
plugin. When running lftp with this plugin, I got the following error:
~/.lftp/cmd-edit.so: undefined symbol: __gxx_personality_v0
 See the ticket here:
Btw, I documented in English the plugin compilation process that I used, here:

Lastly, does the lftp project have an official bugtracker? If not, I can easily 
create a  new project for lftp with its very own bugtracker within the 
http://linux.overshoot.tv/ web site.

Can the official web site link to the tutorial here: 

Thanks a lot,


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