lftp v4.7.1
Arch Linux 64 bits

I have defined in my rc config file:
set mirror:exclude-regex "^.+\.[pP][aA][rR][tT]$|^.+\.[uU][rR][lL]$";
set mirror:no-empty-dirs yes;
set mirror:order "/*";
set mirror:parallel-directories yes;
set mirror:parallel-transfer-count 2;
set mirror:set-permissions no;
set mirror:use-pget-n 6;

But I have download a folder with mirror and only there are 2 threads:

$ jobs -vvv
[1] mirror STAR_WARS_EPISODE_IV_THE_FORCE_AWAKENS/  -- 42G/42G (99%) 27.0
  \mirror `BDMV'  -- 42G/42G (99%) 27.0 KiB/s
   \mirror `BDMV/STREAM'  -- 42G/42G (99%) 27.0 KiB/s
    \transfer `BDMV/STREAM/00155.m2ts'
`00155.m2ts', se obtuvieron 602416339 de 635123712 (94%) 27.0K/s falta:20m
    \chunk 423415808-529269759
`00155.m2ts' en 510521379 (82%) 19.5K/s falta:18m [Recibiendo datos]
    \chunk 211707904-317561855
`00155.m2ts' en 303602864 (86%) 7.5K/s falta:20m [Recibiendo datos]

I've noticed this because the download speed is very slow. Generally the
download speed is ~323mbps and today is ~300kbps. I have tested with iperf
between my FTP server and the link is right.
I'll test it with lftp v4.6.5.

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