Actually I connect to several FTP servers and I would like define
configuration rules different for each one. How can I do this?

2015-03-18 11:11 GMT+01:00 Juan Simón <>:

> Ok, that option is just what I wanted. I don't think this option should
> skip /etc/lftp.conf too. The option name (norc) is quite descriptive
> about rc (user) file no system file.
> I didn't find that option because:
>    1. The 'lftp -h' doesn't show this option.
>>    $ lftp -h
>>    Usage: lftp [OPTS] <site>
>>    `lftp' is the first command executed by lftp after rc files
>>     -f <file>           execute commands from the file and exit
>>     -c <cmd>            execute the commands and exit
>>     --help              print this help and exit
>>     --version           print lftp version and exit
>>    Other options are the same as in `open' command
>>     -e <cmd>            execute the command just after selecting
>>     -u <user>[,<pass>]  use the user/password for authentication
>>     -p <port>           use the port for connection
>>     <site>              host name, URL or bookmark name
>>    2. In man file the options of lftp command are near the end, when I
>    think they should be at the beginning.
> 2015-03-18 8:13 GMT+01:00 Alexander V. Lukyanov <>:
>> On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 12:49:16AM +0100, Juan Simón wrote:
>> > It would be great an option to specify a config file different of
>> default.
>> > It would be useful another option to indicate to lftp that it doesn't
>> load
>> > any config file, that it uses the default values.
>> There is "lftp --norc" option, but it currently skips only user-specific
>> rc
>> files, and still loads system-wide /etc/lftp.conf
>> Probably it should be changed to skip /etc/lftp.conf as well.
>> --
>>    Alexander.
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