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> LFTP is working well and I run it nightly in some cron jobs. However I would
> like the jobs to exit after say 6 hours and then when it fires up again the
> next night to pick up from where it left off. Is that possible?

Yes. As stated in another answer, you can use "timeout" command
(see "man 1 timeout").

But there is also built-in lftp command "at", so you can run something like:

lftp <<EOF
at 06:00 -- exit kill &
get -c http://example.org/huge-file.zip

Exactly at 6am lftp will kill running jobs (the "get" job) and exit.

You can also use "at" to start jobs, set rate-limit, etc.
For example:

lftp <<EOF
repeat --weak at 00:00 -- set net:limit-total-rate 10M &
repeat --weak at 06:00 -- set net:limit-total-rate 100k &
get -c http://example.org/huge-file.zip

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