On Tue, Dec 06, 2016 at 08:26:25AM -0800, David R Bosso wrote:
> I’ve compiled lftp 4.7.4 on CentOS 7 and am running into an error when 
> running (reverse) mirror with a high parallel number.
> Running with parallel <5 seems to be fine, but when I run with 10 or 20, I 
> get the following:
> lftp: buffer_zlib.cc:131: virtual void DataDeflator::PutTranslated(Buffer*, 
> const char*, int): Assertion `ret != (-2)' failed.

Please compile lftp using "configure --with-debug", run it under gdb and when 
it faults type "info stack" or "bt"; post the output.
Also it could be useful if you turned on debug messages using "debug" command 
in lftp.

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