lftp version 4.8.0 has been just released.

What's new:
* mirror: improved performance of --scan-all-first for big trees.
* mirror: new --flat option to flatten the target directory structure.
* mmv: new command for file moving; redirect mv to mmv in certain cases.
* fixed compilation with newer openssl (1.1.0 and later).
* du: allow multiple --exclude options to be combined.
* new setting cmd:nullglob for `glob' command prefix.
* http: use proppatch to set last-modified property.
* new settings net:connection-limit-timer and ftp:too-many-re.
* ftp: dynamically ajust connection limit.
* ftp: fixed core dump on LINK/SYMLINK when the command is not supported.
* get1: fixed -o option.
* sftp,fish: connect-program setting is now passed to the shell for execution.
* get/mget/put/mput: add -P option for parallel transfers and long options.
* appimage: new make target for making an AppImage file.
* fixed "local glob".


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