On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 03:56:39PM +0800, Stu Midgley wrote:
> Afternoon
> I've been trying to get lftp to share a directory to a torrent and then
> download it via the torrent on another machine.
> Unfortunately, I haven't had any success.
> on machine1, I have setup and installed bootstrap-dht from
>     https://github.com/bittorrent/bootstrap-dht
> and then from machine2 I then run lftp and issue
>     set torrent:use-dht yes
>     torrent --dht-bootstrape=machine1

I recommend turning on debug in lftp before this command and see how
bootstrapping goes. Maybe it's a port mismatch problem. lftp uses 6881 by

Do you really need your own bootstrapper service? I can usually bootstrap
from one of: dht.transmissionbt.com, router.utorrent.com,

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