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> Is there any way to prevent it from seeking?

I meant with the title of course:

Is it possible to stop seeking in lftp?

Currently it is not possible. For that to be possible, lftp should buffer
some data in memory even after it was sent to the server (until
acknowledged). The exact amount is unknown, so a new setting would be

What was so strange is that it happened at the exact same spot every time.

Basically at this point I have uploaded some 530GB and it only happened once at the same time.

But anyway I found a different ftp client that will work natively with pipes, at first I couldn't get it to work because the server was rather difficult and only lftp worked by default.

Turns out I could disable some commands in that client that made it choke (this was ncftpput) and now it appears to be working but at present lftp is still chugging away ;-).

The first time I was testing this it also uploaded about I don't know, say 400 GB without choking once. Then I repeated it with a different snapshot (it is backups based off snapshots) of the same volume and suddenly it would choke at one particular point every time I tried.

My backup script can switch to smb (I had to do that manually now) so I uploaded one chunk by smb/cifs and lftp has basically done most of the rest after that.

But anyway, thank you for your comments.

I could get around it by saving the chunks first on disk but as this would mean 2x the amount of writing (save using tee) and therefore a lot of seeking on the disk, unless I use secondary storage for that which is a bit impossible unless I use USB and USB disks would be way too big for this so it would have to be a USB stick which don't have good write longevity.

But anyway,

Thanks for the response :).

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