I'm trying to automate LFTP activity from a Python script. I'm would like
to achieve a behaviour whereby if there is a background LFTP process then
attach to it and append to its existing queue. I'm invoking LFTP with -f
and feeding it a string of commands generated from my Python script.

I'm using LFTP version 4.6.0

If I attach to an existing process and queue files:
    attach 1234
    queue get "ubuntu-16.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso"

I receive a not connected error and the file isn't queued

If I attach to an existing process, open a connection and queue files:
    attach 1234
    open sftp://releases.ubuntu.com/ -u ubuntu,ubuntu
    queue get "ubuntu-16.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso"

It creates another process. The output resembles this:
    [1234] Attached to terminal.
    [1234] Detaching from the terminal to complete transfers...
    [5678] Moving to background to complete transfers...

Is there a way to achieve the desired behaviour, i.e. maximum of one LFTP
process running? Thanks.
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